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is famous for its authentic panuozzo, homemade ingredients and premium Italian flavours. Gino’s panuozzo’s are made using artisanal flour from an Italian mill dating back to the 1930s. The light and fragrant dough is complemented by classical and flavourful ingredients to create the deliciously satisfying panuozzi with an American Italian twist

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Gino’s is famous for ‘Il panuozzo‘ – but what is it, you ask? It’s not a calzone, nor a panini…..the humble panuzzo originated from the Campania region of Italy, during the 80’s, specifically in the town of Gragnano. The classic panuozzo is a form of street food, shaped from neapolitan pizza dough and stuffed with a variety of ingredients, baked in a pizza oven. The panuozzo has been made more famous in New York, where maestro’s like Gino have perfected their art… Gino’s panuozzo creations, combining classical Italian flavours and culinary tradition, with international favourites and more…..

Gino's Deli

Our Panuozzo’s are made using artisanal Italian flour from a mill dating back to the 1930’s. The light and fragrant dough is complemented by classic, flavourful authentic Italian ingredients. This love for quality translates into every facet of our nature – from fresh ingredients to the warm and friendly service to our commitment to deliver on time

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Gino’s Deli proudly claims the title of The Home of Authentic Panuozzo in the Middle East – exporting this Neapolitan specialty to the region, with an international twist and mix of flavours. With a focus on freshly baked, hand prepared dough, authentic ingredients and flavours, and with original recipes from the rich culinary traditions of Campania and wider regions of Italy, Gino’s Deli offers exciting panuozzo flavours with an Italian American twist, in a passionately prepared menu of Appetisers, Fresh Salads, Panuozzo, Pasta, and Desserts, all carefully delivered to your doorstep